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What is Shipping Method Mapping?

Shipping Method Mapping is an important feature to help address the differences between your eCommerce Shipping Methods (such as Shopify, BigCommerce, etc), and your fulfillment Shipping Methods (such as Amazon MCF, ShipStation, etc).


Shipping Method Mapping is not required for every setup


Why would I want Shipping Method Mapping?

Shipping Method Mapping is important as often there are differences between how you may want to display the rates on your selling platforms, versus what your fulfillment service might expect when an order is placed and ready for fulfillment.


Fulfillment Methods

The Fulfillment Methods page, displays all fulfillment shipping methods associated with your fulfillment service integrations.

The Shipping Methods you see within this page, are typically pulled directly from your integrations during setup. You will be able to set mapping for each individual fulfillment service.

To begin working with fulfillment methods, we will navigate to Shipping Methods -> Fulfillment Methods page from the left side navigation. Screen_Shot_2022-12-12_at_7.36.35_PM.png


New Shipping methods can be added by clicking the New Shipping Method button, in the top right corner of the Fulfillment Methods page



It is important to ensure the Shipping Methods match your fulfillment service. Be sure to double check all the settings before proceeding!


Order Methods

The Order Methods page typically starts blank and represents the Shipping Methods within your  eCommerce integrations (where orders originate from). The Shipping Methods from your Order Methods page will then be mapped with your Fulfillment Methods set up earlier, using Shipping Mapping

We suggest completing your Fulfillment Methods before starting with Order Methods.


To begin working with Order Methods, we will navigate to Shipping Methods -> Order Methods page from the left side navigation. Screen_Shot_2022-12-12_at_7.36.19_PM.png


All entries within the Orders Method page will have to be created manually. You will want to create Shipping Methods for all possible selections that may be received with an order.

You can begin creating the Shipping for your Order Methods by clicking "Add Shipping Option". Screen_Shot_2022-12-13_at_12.36.06_AM.png

Unlike with Fulfillment Methods, we only require the shipping name to match. The description is for your context, and will not be passed along. 


Exception: You do not need to create Order Methods when the information being passed from the Order, already matches your fulfillment service.


Once you have added an order Order Method you will want to use, click "save" before moving on to ensure no changes are lost.


You cannot have multiple Order Methods with the same name or shipping code


Shipping Mapping

The final step in your setup will often involve the Shipping Mapping settings.

The Shipping Mapping creates the link between order and fulfillment shipping methods to allow for a seamless passthrough when an order is received and ingested into Pipe17.

You will see an expandable card for each fulfillment integration. Each card has the name and a default dropdown in the header. The default value indicates which fulfillment shipping method to use if an order comes in and does not match any of the mappings (e.g if you have order methods A and B and an order comes in with shipping method C, the default fulfillment method is used for that order).

Within the card, you will see a table with dropdown that signifies mapping an order shipping method (left) to a fulfillment method (right). If you do not see the order method you are looking for, you will need to go back to the "Order Methods" table and add it. If you are missing a fulfillment shipping method, double-check the fulfillment shipping methods table and see if it is there. If not, you may need to add it manually.



What if a new Shipping Method is added to my sales channel or marketplace? 

If an order comes in with a new shipping method (not previously added), then Pipe17 will automatically add it to Order Methods and an exception will appear on the order ('New Shipping Method Reported')


At this point, you will need to map the new method accordingly in Shipping Mappings. The order containing the new shipping method will be sent to your fulfillment provider with whatever the default method is. (ie: Economy, Standard)





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