Resolve a "None of the items are stocked at the new location" Exception


A "None of the items are stocked at the new location" exception happens when our system is trying to fulfill a line item from an order, that does not have a location set.

Our goal will be to set a location for this line item within Shopify, which will then allow our systems to submit the fulfillment for the line item.


This exception is specific to Shopify locations


How to resolve the exception

This order was ingested from Shopify with an order number of 50469. We can see here it has received an exception for the items not being stocked at the new location. 



We also have confirmed there is only one line item for this order, which has a SKU of MFB-PdG-10. 

When reviewing the order, we can also see we had been successful with the fulfillment through our 3PL. Despite everything else working correctly, we are still receiving the exception “None of the items are stocked at the new location“.

We can resolve this by first logging into our Shopify account. We will then search for the SKU (MFB-PdG-10) in Shopify, and navigate into the product page. You should be able to click it from your product list, within Shopify (on the Admin). 

Once within the Product Page, you will first want to ensure the location has stock available, and is activated (with a checkmark) Screen_Shot_2022-12-12_at_11.57.03_PM.png

Once the inventory is confirmed, and a location is set, we can then Navigate back to the Order within Pipe17's admin. 


From the Order section in Pipe17, we then want to look for "Order Activity", which can be found on the right side below the Exceptions messaging, as you scroll. Screen_Shot_2022-12-13_at_12.04.13_AM.png


We can then look for the "Failed" event, which should have a direction of "Outbound", registered as an entity of "Fulfillment" (which may also include the order number). Once located, we would then hit "Rerun", as our example shows below



Once you have rerun the event, your order should update shortly. If there are no further issues, everything should work and the exception will clear. Fulfillment and updates should flow as normal once the location has been assigned on Shopify for this SKU. 

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