Connecting ShipStation to Pipe17

ShipStation is a shipping platform that assists with managing your small parcel and LTL shipping needs in one place. There are two types of ShipStation connectors in Pipe17. One for sales, and the other for fulfillment. Pipe17 supports the following order flows for the ShipStation Sales connector: 

  • Pull products from ShipStation
  • Pull locations from ShipStation

ShipStation Fulfillment:

  • Push shipping requests to ShipStation
  • Pull fulfillments from ShipStation
  • Pull locations from ShipStation

Please note, Pipe17 cannot do the following for the ShipStation connector

  1. Pull/Push Inventory
  2. Create or update tags in ShipStation. Pipe17 can apply a tag to an order as long as the tag itself has already been configured in ShipStation.

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Before getting started on this guide, ensure that you have administrator/owner access to your ShipStation account. You will need these permissions to access your API Key and API Secret which is needed for the integration. 


Connecting ShipStation Sales and/or ShipStation Fulfillment to Pipe17

  1. Login to Pipe17
  2. Click the Integrations tab on the left
  3. Click Add Integration in the top right corner
  4. Search for ShipStation Sales V3
  5. Click Add



On the next page, leave all connection flows turned off for now. We will revisit these later. Click Next




After clicking Next, you will be prompted to enter your API key and API secret which can both be found in your ShipStation Portal. 


  1. Login to ShipStation, navigate to Settings > Account > API Settings
  2. Copy the API Key and API Secret values into the corresponding places in Pipe17





After clicking Save, Pipe17 will attempt to connect to ShipStation. Note, this may take up to 5 minutes to connect. To confirm the connection, return to the Integrations Tab in Pipe17 and look for the green Connected status next to the ShipStation connector: 




Configuring ShipStation Sales Connection Flows

If you're using ShipStation for fulfillment purposes, and not for the sales channel, please go to the next section for ShipStation Fulfillment settings.


Pipe17 supports the following connection (order) flows to/from ShipStation Sales: 


  • Products
    • Pull products from ShipStation: Turn this toggle ON to enable Pipe17 to pull products from your ShipStation catalog. These products will be listed within the Products > All Products tab in Pipe17
  • Locations
    • Pull locations from ShipStation: Turned on by default. 



Configuring ShipStation Fulfillment Connection Flows

  • Shipping Requests
    • Push Shipping Requests to ShipStation: Toggle this setting ON to enable Pipe17 to send shipping requests to ShipStation. 
  • Fulfillments
    • Pull Fulfillments from ShipStation: Turn this toggle ON to enable Pipe17 to pull fulfillment information (tracking IDs) from ShipStation, which can then be pushed to other connectors. 
  • Locations
    • Pull Locations from ShipStation: Enabled by default. 



ShipStation Sales (Other Settings)

There are five other settings for the ShipStation Sales connector. These settings can be found underneath the Connection Flow settings we went over previously. Let's review them in detail!


  • Ship From: If you have a specific Ship From location, enter it here. If you have multiple warehouses, enter them all separated by a comma. 
  • Notify Customer: Toggle this setting ON if you would like ShipStation to notify the customer after an order has been fulfilled. 
  • Move Order to Pending when Picked Up: Toggle this setting ON if you would like ShipStation to move the order to Pending status once it has been pulled in by fulfillment. 
  • Re-pull Products: Toggle this ON to re-ingest products into Pipe17



ShipStation Fulfillment (Other Settings)

  • Enable send line item weight: Toggle this setting ON so that Pipe17 can send line item weight information to ShipStation along with the shipping request
  • Re-pull Locations: Toggle this setting ON to enable Pipe17 to pull in new locations from ShipStation. 
  • Store ID: Enter a Store ID in this field. In Shipstation (Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup)
  • Order Tags: Enter any tags in this field so that Pipe17 can send them to ShipStation along with the shipping request. 




Need help with configuring your order flows or other settings? Contact our support team. We're happy to help!



What's Next?

Congrats! You've connected ShipStation to your Pipe17 account, and you're now ready to begin testing! Check out our Pipe17 Quick Start Guide for some helpful context on testing and other subjects. 



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