Migrate Order Hold Engine to Automations


On April 12, 2023 we released a new feature called Automations. Automations allow you to build simple but powerful workflows. Click here to read more. Automations subsumes the Hold Engine functionality. It has much richer hold workflows, including ability to cancel or archive orders based on rules. If you are currently using the current Hold Engine, and would like to migrate over to use Automations please read this article.


Note: Only certain organizations created before April 12, 2023 have access to the new Automations feature. We are slowly rolling it out for existing customers. If you don't see the option and would like to enable it, please contact our support team.


Users of the Order Hold Engine can migrate over to the new Automations feature by following the steps below. 


To migrate, locate the Automations view on the left sidebar and click on Migrate to Automations.



After a short processing time, the page will refresh and will display any migrated rules.



After the migration is complete, the Order Hold Engine will be disabled. Note: This can be rolled back at any time by clicking on Rollback to Order Hold Engine. This action will remove all rules and automations created during/post migration.




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