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TikTok Shop is an e-Commerce option built directly into TikTok. You will be required to register for Pipe17 to use this service. Please book a demo here.


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TikTok will require authentication for our services during the connector setup, which you will be redirected to during installation. Afterward the initial setup, you will need to ensure that these permissions are not revoked as it could interrupt your order flow. 


TikTok authentication requires a master account. Accounts below a master will not have sufficient permissions


Product Requirements

TikTok has specific product requirements that they enforce, and will need to be met. Ensuring all these requirements are met will help ensure that your orders and fulfillment are able to flow without any difficulties when pushing your catalog to TikTok. In the instances that a product is rejected, a draft of the rejected product will appear within Pipe17.


Your products will have to include the following on TikTok:

  • Must have at least 1 image
  • Some categories have specific restrictions and may also require:
    • Brand Authorization
    • Product Certification
    • Safety/Hazard Disclosure

In addition, TikTok may also require that certain material is not included with products such: 

  • External URL's
  • Nudity

Clothing Specific Requirements

For clothing, there are some circumstances where you may not have variations, or options for that specific product - in the instances where that may be the case, we will set color, which is a required attribute to "One Color" for the production. 


Additional Requirements

Pipe17 will do it's best to submit the information as we receive it to TikTok. There are instances where we may submit everything as this document outlines, as TikTok has their own requirements and restrictions.

In instances where TikTok has rejected a product submission from Pipe17, we will create a draft of the rejected product in Pipe17 for further review. 

We are working on a product download and import within Pipe17 that will enable you to resolve the product listing issues with greater ease but, this is still under development.


Getting TikTok Shop Ready

To speed up onboarding, please create a user for Pipe17 to access your TTS shop. We standardize on ops+{ brand } This would allow us to help troubleshoot any issues.


For any product push, you need to create two warehouses. One is the Pick Up Warehouse and another one is the Return Warehouse. Both locations can be the same physical location address.


The last thing is you need to configure Shipping Options and Shipping Templates.

Shipping Options

Shipping Templates

Create at least 1 shipping templates for your pick up warehouse


Connecting TikTok

In order to connect TikTok to Pipe17, you will first need to add the Connector from our available list. Once added, it should appear within your Connector list - clicking on the name, or icon should invoke the Connector Settings


The initial page that loads should be the settings itself however, we will want to navigate to the connection tab from the top menu, as we see here:




From within the Connection Page, you should see a "Connect" button, and the option to enter a shop name. Enter your shops name, and click "Connect". Once you have clicked connect, will then open the TikTok Seller Portal in another window to request authorization for Pipe17. Once you have granted us the authorization, you will have been successfully connected. 

Now that your account is connected to TikTok, we should ensure we have also completed the initial configuration to ensure your orders, and fulfillments will flow as you intend.


Initial Configuration

In most cases, you will want to push products to TikTok instead of using it as your primary catalog. To allow for this, we will first want to enable products being pushed to TikTok, as we see will see at the top of the connector settings here under products:


Best Practices

TikTok like some services, has the ability to edit or modify orders within an hour of the order being placed. We generally suggest adding a 30 minute hold to our automation engine but, with TikTok we would suggest adding a 1 hour order hold, for all orders. 

A hold for the orders during their modification period will help ensure that we do not route the order, or submit the information before it is changed (if it is changed).


Custom Mapping

TikTok does support custom mapping for the following entities:

  • Locations
  • Orders
  • Fulfillments
  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Returns


Custom mapping is not covered through our regular support and will need to be done on your own


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