Connecting TikTok shop to Salesforce

TikTok Shop through Pipe17 has the ability to connect to a multitude of channels - including Salesforce. You may find this guide most helpful if you  want to sync your orders, or share a catalog across channels with Salesforce and TikTok Shop.


As each connector has their own settings, we also highly suggest reading our guide on Getting Started with Salesforce as it will also provide a more in-depth description of how Salesforce integrates with Pipe17 in it's entirety.


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Configuring your Catalogs for Salesforce and TikTok Shop

The main determining factor for TikTok Shop, and how it interacts with Salesforce for the catalog - will be which one you want to use as the primary catalog. If you do not have any product data in Salesforce, we might suggest pushing the existing TikTok Catalog to Salesforce. This means your settings reflected on the TikTok Integration will be pulling, your product - not pushing products to TikTok.


If the products exist in both TikTok, and Salesforce- we will be able to match the information using the product SKU. Identical SKU's will be matched, and allow us to sync or fulfill the information correctly.


It is important that SKU's do not match if they are for DIFFERENT products, as this could cause confusion later down the line and perform in an unexpected manner.


If the SKU's are different across both platforms, we can navigate to the specific product in question (within Pipe17), and manually map the SKU's using the fields at the bottom of the product page, which should look like this:


This field is what we would expect on Salesforce's end, however, the same can be done for TikTok if you would like to map it through TikTok. If you the catalog is from a different sales channel completely and needs to be mapped - you can also map BOTH TikTok, and Salesforce simultaneously.  


Configuring Locations for Salesforce and TikTok

If your inventory is already setup for TikTok, you will not have to continue with any further as our system will be able to determine the correct fulfillment through the SKU's. 

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