Getting Started with Transfer Orders

With Pipe17 you have the ability to sync and track the information you'd need to properly transfer your inventory between locations with your inventory management systems. 


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Where do inventory transfers come from in Pipe17?

Inventory transfer information can be ingested from a variety of connectors. Most commonly, inventory management systems will have this often available - such as with Amazon MCF, which we would see here:

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 2.29.28 AM.png


As connectors can vary in what options they have available, you may notice this works a bit differently for specific connectors. Amazon MCF for example, states it will be using FBA Inbound Shipments. 

Once enabled on an inventory connector, our system will begin to ingest new transfer orders as they are registered. Specific connectors may also include additional options for modifying, or filtering the data as it's being ingested. 

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 2.32.13 AM.png

This can allow you to only ingest specific order ids, in instances where you may not want to ingest everything.


What information is included in an inventory transfer?

Inventory transfer orders generally include the SKU, Quantity, and the locations. The quantities may reflect as either an increase, or decrease depending on the direction of the inventory being transferred. For example, inventory that is being moved FROM a location. The receiving location should show additional inventory being added for the same total. 


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