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With Pipe17 you have the ability to ingest, and track purchase orders from your various suppliers. Connectors that support Purchase Orders, will have the option to either push or pull information based on the connectors needs. 


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What is included in a purchase order?

Purchase orders ingested from a connector will include the following details. Additional details may be included with custom mapping but, is not supported by default. 


Product Details This will include the SKU, price, quantities ordered, availability (current), and the numbers after the purchase order is complete. 
Destination This is the included destination(s) we received for the purchase order where the inventory is expected to be delivered. 
Supplier Info This will include any supplier information included in the Purchase Order. These details will include name, address and any notes. 
Shipping Info The shipping info will include any details needed to track, or determine where the shipment is. This will include the full address, and any expected delivery/arrival dates.


How do I access my purchase orders?

Purchase orders can be found from under "Inventory" on your main Pipe17 Admin. Once clicked, it will take you to a complete list of Purchase Orders we've ingested. If any purchase orders are missing, it is important to check the connector they are being ingested from to ensure there is no additional filters. 

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