Implementation Guide for Loop and TikTok Shop Integration

In this article, we will cover how to configure your TikTok Shop for Loop Returns.



This guide provides step-by-step instructions for solution engineers to implement the integration between Loop, a return platform, and TikTok Shop, a marketplace. The integration addresses several limitations of TikTok Shop’s default return process by utilizing a non-public feature called H5 Redirect. This feature allows buyers to be redirected to the merchant's return platform portal.



H5 Redirect Feature Approval

  • Description: H5 Redirect is a whitelisted feature that needs explicit approval.
  • Action: The merchant’s Account Manager must request an exception to the platform return and get approved for the H5 Redirect.

Order Availability in Shopify

  • Description: Loop requires the order to exist in Shopify to look it up.
  • Action: Pipe17 writes the order into Shopify in a specific way that allows Loop to find it without any modifications.
    * The existing TikTok Shop provided Shopify connector does not work. The merchant would need to use Pipe17 to flow orders from TikTok Shop to Shopify.
    * This requirement will go away once Loop support multi channel, as of today it is not possible since all TikTok merchants that want to use Loop are most likely already Shopify merchants.

Return Portal Update

  • Description: Merchants need to update their return portal instructions.
  • Action: Update the return portal to inform customers that they need to use the shipping address zip code instead of the email address due to TikTok Shop not providing email addresses.


Step-by-Step Implementation

  1. Request H5 Redirect Feature Approval
    1. Contact Account Manager: Reach out to the TikTok Shop Account Manager.
    2. Request Exception: Request an exception to the platform return process and approval for the H5 Redirect feature.
    3. Approval Confirmation: Wait for confirmation of the H5 Redirect feature approval.
  2. Configure TikTok Shop and Pipe17 Integration
    1. Setup Pipe17 Account
    2. Add TikTok Shop Integration and press Connect
    3. Settings
      1. Pull Orders
      2. Push Fulfillments
      3. Push Refunds
    4. Add Shopify Integration and press Connect
    5. Settings
      1. Push Orders
      2. Pull Fulfillments
      3. Pull Refunds
      4. Configure the order sync to Shopify is in fulfillment mode
    6. Verify Order Sync: Ensure that orders from TikTok Shop appear in Shopify correctly by conducting test orders.
  3. Update Return Portal Instructions
    1. Access Return Portal Settings: Log in to the Loop dashboard and navigate to the return portal settings.
    2. Modify Instructions:
    3. Update the return portal instructions to inform customers they must use their shipping address zip code instead of their email address to initiate a return.
    4. Ensure the instructions are clear and prominently displayed.
    5. Test the Update: Perform a test return to verify that the instructions are clear and that customers can successfully initiate a return using their zip code.

TikTok Shop Install

  1. Install the TikTok Shop Return Proxy App
  2. Select Loop (Pipe17) as a return portal partner
  3. Configure the return URL as such
    https://{RETURN PORTAL URL}/?order=[TT_ORDER_NUM]&zip=[TTS_ZIP_CODE]
  4. It is recommended to update your Return Portal specifically calling out the fact that TTS requires TikTok Shop Order # and Shipping Address Zip Code for look up. Email WILL NOT work.
  5. On Pipe17, Enable "Push refunds to TikTok"
  6. On the Supported Platform by Loop Connector, enable Pull Refunds.



TikTok Return Portal Setting

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