Shopify Connector: Integration Actions

Order and location ingestion from Shopify to Pipe17 may occasionally encounter delays. To address this, Pipe17 offers a manual solution through the "Integration Actions" setting in the Shopify connector. This allows users to manually pull missing orders or new locations from Shopify into Pipe17. Below are the steps to access and utilize these actions.


How to Access Integration Actions

1. Navigate to Integrations

  • Click on the "Integrations" option located in the bottom left-hand panel of the Pipe17 UI.

2. Select Shopify Connector

  • Locate and click on the Shopify connector from the list of integrations.

3. Access Integration Actions

  • On the far right side of the Shopify connector settings, find and click on "Integration Actions."

4. Click on the Actions Button

  • Within "Integration Actions," click on the "Actions" button to reveal the available options.


Pulling Locations

Pulling locations retrieves all created locations from the connected Shopify store. Here's how to use this action:

1. Submit the Request

  • Click on "Pulling Locations" to initiate the request.

2. Monitor Request Status

  • Refresh the UI to see the request status, which may show as "submitted," "in progress," "completed," or "failed."

3. Review Request Details

  • Access the JSON of the request for further clarity in case of failure.



Pulling Orders by ID

This action allows users to pull specific orders from Shopify by their ID. Follow these steps:

1. Add Order IDs

Enter the order IDs exactly as they appear in Shopify. You can add multiple order IDs, but note that processing time may increase.

2. Turn on "Ignore Filters"

Enable this setting to ensure that no filters or other issues prevent the order from being ingested into Pipe17.

3. Submit the Request

Once the order IDs are added and settings adjusted, click "Submit."



Pulling Orders by Date

Similar to pulling orders by ID, this action retrieves orders based on specific Shopify dates. Here's how:

1. Set Date Range

Specify the date range for orders to be pulled from Shopify.

2. Select Time Interval

Adjust the time interval if necessary.

3. Ignore All Filters

Ensure that no filters obstruct the ingestion process.


Summing Up

While manually pulling orders and locations is rarely needed, it serves as a last resort solution. It's essential to exhaust other troubleshooting methods before resorting to Integration Actions. If issues persist, contact support with comprehensive details of the problem and the steps taken for further investigation.

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