Resolving or Rerunning Stuck Orders

Stuck orders in Pipe17 are orders that Pipe17 cannot send to fulfillment for reasons other than inventory being out of stock. This can also sometimes result in an exception, that will appear on the homepage of your admin.

If you see a stuck order this can often be resolved by simply re-trying order routing at a later time. 

In short, a stuck order is an order that remains in "Ready for Fulfillment" status for longer than usual/expected


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How to re-run an order from the order page

For a specific order you will want to navigate to the order details page from your main Order list. Clicking on any order that is stuck, will then reveal the following options:

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 4.47.34 PM.png


How to Re-run multiple stuck orders

For many orders: you can rerun routing on several orders, by clicking the checkboxes at the left of the order table rows and then clicking "run routing"

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  • Re-run routing automatically: Pipe17 can automatically retry order routing for all orders every 3 hours, if you enable "Run order routing for stuck orders daily". You can do so in your Integrations → Order Routing Engine settings:



Note: This setting will apply to all stuck orders created in the past 30 days and will include orders that have shipping requests for some but not all line items. Before enabling this, make sure you don't have any orders in that time period that should not be routed for fulfillment in whole or part.


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