Import Products via CSV

If you need to upload a number of products at once, Pipe17 allows you to create or update products with a comma-separated-value (CSV) file. 

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Format your product upload file

You can download our product CSV template by heading into Products in Pipe17, then clicking on Import > Download CSV Template.

The template contains all the possible columns accepted by Pipe17, as well as some example products. Your own product CSV must match the format of the template.

You can replace the example data with your own product information. Each product should have its own row. Not all columns are required, but you must include at least SKU and Name

If you want to use this feature to bulk update your products, you only need to fill in the SKU, plus the fields you actually want to update. Blank columns will be ignored, so your existing product information will remain the same if you leave a column blank. Tip: If you need to explicitly clear a product field, type in "/". Pipe17 will overwrite any existing information on that field with a blank value.


Upload your products

  1. Head into your Products tab in Pipe17, then click on Import > Upload CSV Products.
  2. Select your file in the import pop-up.
  3. Choose whether you want to overwrite or skip the row in the case of any duplicates encountered.
  4. Select each row that should be imported, or use the top checkbox to select all.
  5. Click "Import".

The import will complete in the background, and you will see a success message at the top of the page when it is completed. If there are any errors, you will see a warning message indicating what was wrong.

Upload or update multiple bundles

You can create or update multiple bundles via a CSV upload as well. You can also remove the items from a bundle to change it to a regular simple or child product that does not have any bundle properties.

The import template file has an example for how this is accomplished. You must include separate rows for the components (Bundle Items) for the bundle you are trying to create or modify as separate rows even if those products already exist in your catalog. These bundle item rows must appear before the first bundle row that uses them in the BundleItem columns.




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