Enable Exception Notifications

Pipe17 can send you emails when we think something might be wrong with one of your sales orders.

This will alert you log into the Pipe17 portal and take a look through the order in question, then re-try the order or take the necessary steps to resolve the error.

Order exceptions

An order exception might be generated for a number of reasons - stock out, an error from the 3PL, too long without being sent for fulfillment, and others. To learn more about order exceptions, read our Resolve Order Exceptions guide.

Add alert recipients

  1. Click into the Integrations tab in your Pipe17 portal
  2. Click on the "Pipe17 Exception" plugin
    If you don't see the plugin on this page, click "Add integration" to add it.
  3. Under "Exception Settings", use the Enable exception switches to enable or disable the specific exceptions for your account. All are enabled by default.
  4. Use the Enable email notification switches to enable or disable the email alert for each exception. All are enabled by default.
  5. Add email addresses to the Email address field - these are the addresses that will receive the alert.

Stuck orders

Within the same Pipe17 Exception plugin, you can set how long Pipe17 will wait before considering an order stuck. A stuck order is one that remains in Ready for fulfillment status for too long - but how long is "too long" is something that can be configured using this setting:





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