Resolve a Fulfillment Mismatch Exception

A fulfillment exception happens if the fulfillment information we get from your 3PL doesn't match the original order or shipping request.

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What is a fulfillment mismatch?

If the fulfillment information received from your 3PL (Deliver, Amazon MCF, etc) doesn't match the information in the order or shipping request, this is a fulfillment mismatch. When this occurs, the order may be stuck in an unfulfilled or partially fulfilled state, and Pipe17 will create a Fulfillment Creation or Fulfillment Insertion exception on the order page. 

How to resolve a fulfillment mismatch

You can address a fulfillment mismatch with the following steps:

  1. After getting notification about a Fulfillment-related exception, log in to Pipe17 and find the relevant order.

  2. Look at the Order Detail page and see if there is any helpful information. You will likely see a red Exception message on the upper right of the page, with some notes about which 3PL is related and which specific SKUs don't match.
  3. Click on the exception to read the full detail of the error message.
  4. Confirm what was actually shipped in your 3PL or other Fulfillment/WMS portal.
  5. Determine if you need to create a new order or shipping request to ensure the customer receives the product they ordered. 
  6. If you decide to create an entirely new order, do so directly in your selling channel and the order will flow into Pipe17 as normal. If you need to create a new shipping request on the existing order, follow the steps in our Create a Shipping Request guide.

In the example below, two items were in the original order (2 of SKU-1 and 1 of SKU-4). By clicking on the exception message displayed on the order, you can find relevant information of what the mis-match is, and where it was received from.

In this case, the 3PL is VeraCore and the fulfillment information received from them for this order was: 3 of SKU-1, 1 of SKU-2, 2 of SKU-3, 3 of SKU-4, 1 of SKU-5, and 1 of SKU-6. In this case, the best course of action would be to log in to the VeraCore portal and confirm what was actually shipped. Then, contact the 3PL support to determine why extra items were shipped, and potentially contact the customer to determine whether any replacement/return order is necessary.



If this problem keeps recurring and your 3PL support confirms they are simply fulfilling what has been ordered via Pipe17, contact our support so we can rule out a data transfer issue in your 3PL connector.


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