Resolve Order Exceptions


There are a number of reasons why Pipe17 may not be able to route or complete fulfillment of your order. These will be displayed as Exceptions in your Pipe17 Order Page.

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Stuck Order exception

An order is stuck when Pipe17 can not route it or generate a shipping request. It will not be fulfilled without further action. Suggest you check your routing rules.

Out of Stock exception

No available inventory exists for one or more line items. You should edit or cancel the order in your marketplace or inform the customer it will be delayed. Once inventory arrives you can retry order routing.

Sent Order exception

Pipe17 cannot send or insert an order or shipping request to an integrated application because required information is missing.

Fulfillment Insertion exception

Pipe17 could not create a fulfillment or we could not send the fulfillment to an integrated application.

Other exceptions

Insufficient Credit Memo

The credit memo is not sufficient to pay the expected amount in NetSuite.

Invalid Address

Please edit the shipping address to meet the requirements of your fulfillment provider and then retry order routing.



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