Sync Inventory with Deliverr

If you use Deliverr as a 3PL, you will need to ensure your Pipe17 products are properly linked in Deliverr so that Deliverr can send the correct SKU inventory to Pipe17.

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Import products to Pipe17

Before Pipe17 can receive inventory levels from Deliverr, you need to make sure your product catalog exists in both systems. To do this:

  1. Add products to Pipe17 using the Pipe17 API or with a CSV Product Import

  2. Wait 10-15 minutes for those products to start flowing into Deliverr

If you are also using selling channel connector that contains your products (for example, Shopify), you don’t need to manually add products to Pipe17 using the API or a CSV. Instead, simply enable product sync in your connector and wait for your product catalog to sync from the connected selling channel. For connector-specific information, visit our Connector article page.

In step 2, if the same SKUs already exist in Deliverr, don’t worry - they will not be created as duplicates! Instead they should be linked to the existing products in Deliverr, or you can do so manually as described in the Link products in Deliverr section.

Note that SKU values with spaces will not import into Pipe17 properly, and consequently will not create in Deliverr. Prior to connecting, make sure your selling channel SKUs do not contain spaces.

Link products in Deliverr

Once products are in Pipe17 and Deliverr, Deliverr should automatically add an alias or link to the product on their end. This indicates that the Deliverr SKU is connected to a corresponding product in Pipe17:

Sometimes, this process does not happen automatically and you will see a 0 next to the Pipe17 alias in Deliverr. In this case, you will need to follow the instructions from Deliverr to Manually Link or Unlink DSKUs to Products on Your Integrations. Or, contact Deliverr support to help you with this process.


If your Pipe17 and Deliverr inventories don’t match, check the following:

  • Does the product exist in Pipe17 and Deliverr?

  • Does the product in Deliverr have an active alias linking it to the Pipe17 product?

  • Does the product have verified weight & dimension values in the Deliverr portal?

Occasionally, you will see differences between the inventory in the Deliverr portal and the Deliverr inventory shown in Pipe17. Usually this is because Deliverr hasn't pushed an inventory update to Pipe17 yet, so check again a few minutes later.

Very rarely, for example when you have just inbounded inventory to Deliverr, the Deliverr portal may not have caught up with their back end. In this situation, the inventory across all views should become consistent within an hour. If it doesn't, it may be that Deliverr is not pushing inventory for this item to Pipe17, usually because the product does not yet have verified weight & dimension values in the Deliverr portal. In this case, Deliverr support should be able to help get those values verified.

You may be able to contact Deliverr support to trigger an inventory resync to channels. As a last resort, you can force an inventory resync

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