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Orders are usually the main piece of data that flow through your Pipe17 account: pulled from your selling channel and sent on to a 3PL, ERP, and/or other connected systems. You can do a number of things with your orders in Pipe17. In your Orders page, you'll see a list view of all the orders that have come into Pipe17.

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Order statuses

An order can be in any of the following statuses:

  • New: This is a brand new order that Pipe17 has just picked up. Generally, an order stays in this status for only a couple of minutes.
  • New - Auto-Hold: If you've configured a hold period in your Automations or Order Hold Engine settings, an order will be in this status while the hold period is active.
  • Review Required: If you've chosen to manually review and release orders before fulfillment, this status indicates that the order has not yet been reviewed and approved.
  • Ready For Fulfillment: The order has been received by Pipe17 and is ready to be routed and sent for fulfillment. If an order stays in this status for too long, it is considered "stuck".
  • Sent For Fulfillment: The order has been routed, one or more shipping requests were generated, and all requests were sent for fulfillment.
  • Partial Fulfillment: Only some of the order line items have been fulfilled.
  • Fulfilled: All of the order line items have been fulfilled.
  • Canceled: The order has been canceled.

Search and filter orders

By default, your order list will display every order Pipe17 has seen, sorted by date in descending order (most recent first). You can use the search and filter functions to further narrow down your list by:

  • Order date
  • Order source
  • Order status
  • Order tags
  • Fulfillment location
  • Total price

For example, to see only orders that have already sent for fulfillment, use the Status filter:


You can also use the "Exceptions" filter to find orders with errors, and the "Advanced" filtering function to search by even more specific criteria such as order line item or shipping country.

Order detail page

If you click into a specific order, you'll see its order detail page. This is where you can see the order information pulled from your selling channel, such as line items, price, and customer shipping & billing information. Here you can also see a more detailed summary of the order's status, such as any existing shipping request(s) and fulfillments.

In most cases, orders are the main entities that flow through Pipe17: pulled from your selling channel and sent on to you 3PL, ERP, and other systems. There are a number of things you can do with your orders in Pipe17 - to read more about this, see the Orders section.


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