Organization Settings in Pipe17

You can edit the underlying settings of your account in the organization section. 

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Under Billing details, you can see your current plan and when it will expire.


In this section you can edit your company details such as name, contact email and phone number, and address. You can (and should!) also add a company logo.


You can add, edit, or remove users. See our guide on Managing Users for detailed information.

Order routing & filters

This is one of the most important areas of your store. Here you can configure how you want your orders to be routed to different fulfillment location. Refer to our guide on Order Routing to set this up.

You can also add, edit, or remove filters in the Filters section, which can be used as criteria for routing your orders in the Order Routing settings.


Here you can add, edit, or remove suppliers to be used in purchase orders.


You can click on your own user name on the lower left of the page to access other Pipe17 settings, such as your organization key and authorization token for API use.

API keys

This page contains the API keys for your existing integrations, and does not need to be edited unless you are a Pipe17 API customer. Avoid creating or deleting existing keys, as this can cause issues with your account.

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