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Getting Started with NetSuite eCommerce


NetSuite commerce provides eCommerce and point-of-sale solutions all in one. 


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  • The NetSuite E-commerce connector is primarily used when you are pulling orders from NetSuite to be sent out to fulfillment channel(s)

  • Supported flows:
    • Pull sales orders OR item fulfillments from NetSuite
    • Push item fulfillments to NetSuite from fulfillment channel
    • Pull product catalog from NetSuite
    • Push inventory to NetSuite
    • Pull locations from NetSuite
    • Pull transfer orders from NetSuite
    • Push transfer order receipts to NetSuite
    • Pull purchase orders from NetSuite
    • Push purchase order receipts to NetSuite
  • Note: there is another connector called NetSuite ERP, which is primarily used for pushing orders INTO NetSuite from selling channel(s). This use case requires some more advanced setup. Work with your Pipe17 rep to get this going!
    • Support flows for NetSuite ERP connector:
      • Push Sales Orders + Customer Deposits AND/OR Cash Sales into NetSuite from selling channel(s)
      • Pull inventory from NetSuite
      • Pull fulfillments from NetSuite
  • Flow example - NetSuite Ecommerce:


  • Flow example - NetSuite ERP:


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