Troubleshooting Fulfillments

If Fulfillments exist in Pipe17 but they are not appearing in your Selling Channels, please follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem:

1) Visit the integrations page and verify the integrations are in a connected state
2) Open each integration's settings page and verify
  • push fulfillments turned on for every selling channel integration and
  • pull fulfillments turned on for every fulfillment channel integration
3) Check for merged locations. Each selling channel location from which we pull orders must be mapped/linked to any fulfillment channel(s) that can fulfill the order. Open the Locations page and check that each fulfillment location that is used by Order Routing has at least one selling channel location listed in the table at the bottom. Screenshot below is an example of a fulfillment location that is properly mapped to two selling channel locations.
4) Open the Events page and Check for Failed Events for the Fulfillment entity. Retry sending one event to the selling channel and see if the fulfillment appears
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