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Sync Excelsior Shipping Requests, Fulfillments, Inventory, and Locations via Pipe17.


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You will be required to get the warehouse id's for all warehouses you intend to use with Pipe17. If you do not have this information available from Excelsior, you can reach out to their support teams to confirm at contactus@excelsiorintegrated.com.


You will also require an API key from Excelsior with an API Password to complete the connection. 


Connecting to Pipe17

Excelsior can be added to Pipe17 as you may add with any other integration, from within your integrations page. Once added, you will be prompted to input an API key, and password - this allows us to submit and receive data from Excelsior. You can copy this information into the respective fields and save. 

Once saved, it should complete the connection and you can begin configuring. If there are any problems exceptions may be generated when it comes to fulfillment, or you may a see a connection error on your Integrations page. 

Initial Configuration

The limitations with Excelsior's API doesn't allow us to automatically pull location data at this time for each warehouse you may want to connect. Because the warehouse information is not retrieved automatically, you will need to input some of the details yourself. The information can be added through your locations settings in Pipe17 and by clicking on the "Create Location" button to begin. 

Once you have initiated the location creation, you will be prompted with the following options which should be set as outlined below for each warehouse. You can do this multiple times if you may require multiple warehouses. 

  1. Status should be set to active for use
  2. Name should match what is in Excelsior
  3. 3PL Integration should be set to your Excelsior Integration
  4. Preserve Bundles  should be disabled as Excelsior doesn't support bundles currently
  5. Exclude From Totals should be uncheck by default
  6. Address of the warehouse 

For the final setting on this location, you will also need to click on "Add External Location", select Excelsior for the integration and enter the ID number provided to you from Excelsior.

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