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Etsy is an eCommerce sales channel focused around vintage and craft products. Pipe17 supports the following connection flows for the Etsy integration:

  • Pull orders
  • Pull product catalog
  • Push OR Pull inventory to/from Etsy
  • Push fulfillments
  • Pull shop information



Before getting started on this guide, ensure that you have administrator access to your Etsy account and that you are already logged in. Before connecting, Pipe17 will direct you to your Etsy account to begin the OAuth (open authorization) connection. No API Keys or credentials are needed in Pipe17 to connect Etsy. 


Connect Etsy to Pipe17

  1. Be sure that you are already logged into Etsy (in another tab preferably) and have administrator privileges. 
  2. In Pipe17, click on the Integrations tab on the left 
  3. Click Add Integration in the upper right corner
  4. Search for Etsy, Click Add

After clicking Add, the below screen will appear. For now, do not turn on any connection flows. Click Next. 



      5. After clicking Next, another screen will appear prompting you to continue. Click Next, you will                be directed to Etsy. 




      6. In Etsy, a window titled "An application would like to connect to your account" will appear. In this window you will see a list of permissions that Pipe17 is requesting access to. These permissions are needed for Pipe17 to pull/push the necessary order information to and from your Etsy account. After reviewing the requested permissions, click Grant Access. 



You will now be directed back to Pipe17, where you can configure your connection flows. We'll cover that next! 


Connection Flows & Other Settings

After you click Grant Access in Etsy, you should have been redirected back to the Pipe17 seller portal. Now you'll want to open your new Etsy integration in Pipe17 and click the Settings tab to begin configuring your connection flows. 


  • Pull orders from Etsy
    • Turning this toggle ON will enable Pipe17 to pull in your orders from Etsy. We recommend keeping this turned off until all of your connection flows are configured. 
  • Products
    • Disabled: Pipe17 will not pull in products from your Etsy catalog
    • Pull product catalog from Etsy: Pipe17 will begin pulling products from your Etsy catalog. These products will be listed in your Products tab
  • Inventory
    • Disabled: Pipe17 will not push or pull inventory to/from Etsy
    • Pull inventory information from Etsy: Turn this on if you are manually managing your inventory in Etsy
    • Push inventory information to Etsy: Turn this on if your inventory is being managed by a connected 3PL (ShipHero, Deliverr, Amazon MCF, etc). Pipe17 will push inventory being received from your 3PL to Etsy. 
  • Fulfillments
    • Push fulfillments information to Etsy: Turning this on will push fulfillment/tracking data back to Etsy so that your end customers can be notified


Integration Specific Settings

  • Orders
    • Exclude orders created before this date: In this field, enter a date/time to tell Pipe17 to not pull in orders created before this date/time. 
    • Pull only orders with specific order IDs: Enter specific order IDs (from Etsy) here to tell Pipe17 to only pull in those orders. This is helpful when testing the order flow. 
  • Products
    • Process only products with specific SKUs: Enter one or more SKU values here to tell Pipe17 to only pull in those products, and ignore the rest
    • Force product catalog resync: Pipe17 will pull in new products anytime there is a change, but this toggle is available for on demand usage
  • Inventory
    • Process only inventory items with specific SKUs: Enter one or more SKU value to tell Pipe17 to only update inventory in Etsy for those specified products. 
    • Note: Push inventory information to Etsy (previous section) must be enabled





Need help with order flows or integration specific settings? Contact our support team. We're happy to help!



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