Connecting Loop Returns to Pipe17

Loop is a returns platform used by eCommerce businesses which helps automate returns. Pipe17 supports the following order flows for the Loop connector: 

  • Pull returns from Loop
  • Pull returns only when there is a matching order available in Pipe17

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Before getting started on this guide, ensure that you are already logged into your Loop account and have administrator permissions to access your API settings. 


Connecting Loop to Pipe17

  1. In Pipe17 click the Integrations tab on the left
  2. Click Add Integration in the upper right corner
  3. Search for Loop
  4. Click Add



      5. On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter your Loop API Key. Leave this guide open, and login to your Loop account here (this will open in a new tab)


In Loop...

  1. Click the Settings tab on the left
  2. Click the Developers icon


      3. Under the API Key section, click Generate API Key



      4. Assign permissions by checking the boxes for all categories (Cart, Orders, Return, Report)

      5. Click Generate



      6. After clicking Generate, you will be directed back to the main Developers menu. At the bottom, you will see your new API key generated. Copy the key and return back to the Pipe17 tab. 


In Pipe17...

  1. Paste your copied API key into the designated field, and click Connect



You are now connected to Loop Returns via Pipe17. In the next section we will review the two connection flows available for this connector. 


Configuring Connection Flows

  1. Click the Integrations tab on the left and open the Loop connector
  2. Ensure that the Settings tab (in the middle) is selected

Under the Integration Specific Settings section, you will see two toggles: 


  • Pull returns from Loop: You must turn on this toggle when you are ready for Pipe17 to begin importing your Loop returns. 
  • Pull returns only when there is a matching order available in Pipe17: Turning on this toggle will tell Pipe17 to only pull in orders that already exist in Pipe17. 




Need help with order flows or integration specific settings? Contact our support team. We're happy to help!


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