Orders Missing from Pipe17

There are circumstances in which you may find yourself having to trigger order ingestion manually, if an order is missing from Pipe17. This can often happen if you have made changes to the conditions in Pipe17 integrations for what we have ingest, or to help troubleshoot your account if you're missing an order.


In these cases, it's possible to force an order to be ingested by making a small change to it in the selling channel. We refer to this as "touching" the entity (orders).

"Touching" an order does not override the ingestion conditions, and would only trigger our system to check if the order should be brought into the system again. If the conditions are still not met for ingestion the order will not be ingested. 


How to trigger order ingestion again

The intended outcomes are the same for all platforms. In this case, we will only be making a small change to trigger the ingestion in Shopify using the tags, as an example. You do not need to exclusively change tags but, these are often the most accessible with the least impact. 

We will first start by navigating to our order section, and selecting an order from our list. Once we are within the order, we can then make a small change to the order using the tags, or order notes as we see here:

mceclip1.png mceclip2.png


It is important that you do not change the tags if it is part of your integrations conditions. This can cause the order to no longer be ingested. 


Once you have made a change, and saved we will need to wait for our system to register the updates. This may take a few minutes as the order is ingested. 

It's possible to check if the order was updated on the Events Page by navigating to "Events" from your left side menu.

You should see a newly created event with the same order number, as we might see here. Screen_Shot_2022-12-12_at_11.36.51_PM.png


A shortcut to the order page will be found from the Entity column as well Screen_Shot_2022-12-12_at_11.41.14_PM.png

Finally, you should also be able to navigate to the order we you normally would, through the "Orders" section of your Admin.

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