Connect WiX to Pipe17

WiX provides cloud based web development services, offering a range of eCommerce plugins. Pipe17 supports the following orders flows to/from WiX:


  • Pull orders from Wix
  • Push or Pull products to/from Wix
  • Push inventory to Wix
  • Push fulfillments (tracking) to Wix
  • Pull locations from Wix (enabled by default)

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Before getting started on this guide, ensure that you are already logged into your Wix account by clicking here. This link will open in a new tab for your convenience.

Please note, you must be the account administrator with permissions to install 3rd party apps. 


Connecting Wix to Pipe17

  1. In Pipe17, click the Integrations tab on the left
  2. Click Add Integration in the top right corner
  3. Search for Wix > Click > Add
  4. After clicking Add, a connection flow menu will appear. Leave all fields blank for now. We will configure these later in this guide. Click Next.



      5. A new screen will appear. Click Connect in the bottom right corner:




      6. After clicking Connect, you will be directed to Wix to accept and authorize the Pipe17 app. First, click the Add to Site button: 



      7. Next, you will be directed to another page to authorize the app for the necessary permissions. Review the permissions, and click Agree & Add:




      8. After clicking Agree & Add, return back to Pipe17. If the loading process continues after 15 seconds, double click the Integrations tab in Pipe17 to ensure that the green Connected icon appears. If you see a red Error or yellow Disabled icon, please contact our support team for further assistance. 




That's all! You've connected Wix to Pipe17. Next, we will go over the various connection flows available for the Wix connecor. 


Configuring Connection Flows

Pipe17 supports the following connection (or order) flows to/from Wix. We'll go over all of them in detail below. 


  • Orders
    • Pull orders from Turning on this toggle will enable Pipe17 to pull new orders from Wix. Your orders will be listed in the Orders tab in Pipe17. 
  • Products
    • Pull products from Wix to Pipe17: Selecting this option from the dropdown will enable Pipe17 to pull products in from your Wix catalog. Your products will be visible in the Products tab in Pipe17. 
    • Push products from Pipe17 to Wix: Selecting this option will push any products already in Pipe17 to your Wix product catalog.
  • Inventory
    • Push inventory to Wix: Turning on this toggle will allow Pipe17 to push inventory to your Wix account on a per SKU basis. This is helpful for when your inventory is being pulled into Pipe17 from another 3PL such as Ware2Go, Deliverr, or Amazon MCF. Keep this turned off if you prefer to manage your inventory in Wix manually.
  • Fulfillments
    • Push fulfillment information to Wix: Turning on this toggle will enable Pipe17 to push fulfillment information (tracking, carrier, etc) to Wix. 
  • Locations
    • Pull locations from Wix: This is turned on by default and is needed for Pipe17 to map your fulfillment channel to Wix (to update inventory and push fulfillments)



Configuring Other Integration Settings

Pipe17 offers you the ability to more granularly control your orders, products, and inventory. Next, we will go over the various integration specific settings offered for the Wix connector. Please note, not all of these may apply to you and are optional. 


  • Orders
    • Exclude orders created before this date: By default, Pipe17 will not pull in any orders from before the integration became active. However, you have the ability to exclude orders created before a given date/time. Enter a date/time in this field to tell Pipe17 which orders to pull. 
    • Process only orders with specific numbers: Enter one or more order IDs here to tell Pipe17 to pull in ONLY those orders. This is useful when testing your order flow prior to going live. 
  • Products
    • Process only products with specific SKUs: Enter one or more SKU values here to tell Pipe17 to only pull in certain products. All others will be ignored. 
  • Inventory
    • Process only inventory with specific SKUs: Similar to the above, enter one or more SKU value here to tell Pipe17 to update inventory in Wix ONLY for those products. 




Need help with order flows, integration specific settings, or custom mappings? Contact our support team. We're happy to help!

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