Connect Faire to Pipe17

Faire is a B2B marketplace that connects local, independent retailers with brands. Pipe17 supports the following connection flows to/from Faire: 

  • Pull Orders
  • Pull or Push Products
  • Push Inventory
  • Push Fulfillments
  • Pull Locations (enabled by default)

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Before getting started on this guide, ensure that your Faire account has been fully configured, and activated. Additionally, ensure that you are the owner of the account with full administrator privileges.

Important: You will need your Faire API Access Token to establish the connection with Pipe17. This access token can only be retrieved by reaching out to Faire Support. You can do this by clicking the link here: 


Connecting Faire to Pipe17 

After you have received your Faire API Access Token, you're ready to begin connecting Pipe17. 


  1. Login to Pipe17
  2. Click the Integration tab on the left
  3. Click Add Integration in the top right corner
  4. Search for Faire > Click > Add





After clicking Add, you will be prompted to configure Flow Settings. Leave all settings turned off for now, and click Next




Next, you will be prompted to select a Production or a Sandbox account. If you are planning to immediately go live, select the option for Production. If you are planning to perform multiple test orders, or test additional functionality, select Sandbox: 




Next, enter the API Access Token you received from Faire Support in the designated field in Pipe17: 




Click Connect.


Pipe17 will attempt to connect to your Faire environment. To confirm if Faire is fully connected, return to the Integrations tab. Next to Faire you should see a green Connected status. 




That's all! You're now ready to configure your connection flows which will allow Pipe17 to push/pull your order information to/from the correct places. 



Configuring Connection Flows

Pipe17 supports the following connection flows to/from Faire. Let's review them all in detail!


  • Orders
    • Pull orders from Faire: This toggle must be switched to the ON position so that Pipe17 can pull orders from Faire. 
  • Products
    • Pull products from Faire to Pipe17: Turning this toggle ON will enable Pipe17 to pull your product catalog from Faire, which will then be listed in the Products tab in Pipe17. 
    • Push products from Pipe17 to Faire: Turning this toggle ON will enable Pipe17 to to PUSH products from Pipe17 into your Faire catalog. 
  • Inventory
    • Push inventory to Faire: Turning this toggle ON will enable Pipe17 to push inventory (from another fulfillment source) into Faire. This is pushed for each of your products that exist both in Pipe17 and in Faire. 
  • Fulfillments
    • Push fulfillments to Faire: Turning this toggle ON will enable Pipe17 to push fuifillment and tracking data back to Faire, so that your customers can stay informed during the fulfillment process. 
  • Locations
    • Pull locations from Faire: This toggle is turned on by default. 



Configuring Integration Specific Settings

Each integration (or connector) in Pipe17 comes with it's own specific settings. These settings and filters allow you to control the way Pipe17 pushes and pulls data from/to Faire. Let's review them in detail!


  • Orders
    • Exclude orders created before this date: Enter a date/time in this field to tell Pipe17 to only pull orders after a specific date/time. By default, Pipe17 will not pull any orders created before the integration was connected. 
    • Process only orders with specific order IDs: This field is helpful for testing. Enter one or more Order IDs here to tell Pipe17 to only pull in those specific orders. Note: If the order ID is entered AFTER the order has been created in Faire, you may need to "touch" the order in Faire so that Pipe17 can trigger an import. Touching the order means making a small change to any field of the order such as a phone number or order note. 
  • Products
    • Process only products with specific product SKUs: Enter one or more SKU values here to tell Pipe17 to only pull in those products from your catalog. 
  • Inventory
    • Process inventory only for products with specific SKUs: Enter one more SKU values here to tell Pipe17 to update inventory ONLY for those listed SKUs. 




Need help with order flows, integration specific settings, or custom mappings? Contact our support team. We're happy to help!






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