Connecting eBay to Pipe17

Pipe17 supports the following connection flows to/from eBay:

  • Pull orders from eBay
  • Pull OR push product catalog from/to eBay
  • Push Inventory updates to eBay
  • Push fulfillments (tracking) to eBay


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Before getting started on this guide, please ensure that you are already logged into your eBay portal in a new tab. 


If you are planning to push inventory to eBay, Pipe17 will need to first pull in your product catalog. Pull product catalog from eBay must be turned on.


Connecting eBay to Pipe17

  1. Login to eBay in a new tab. You can login here
  2. Login to Pipe17 in a separate tab. You can login here
  3. In Pipe17, click the Integrations tab on the left.
  4. Click Add Integration in the top right corner. 
  5. Search for eBay, and click on Add



After clicking Add, a Flow Settings menu will appear. Leave all settings turned off for now, we will revisit these later on in this guide. Click Next




After clicking Next, you will be prompted to connect your eBay account. Click Connect. You will be directed to eBay where you will need to authorize Pipe17 to access your account:






Click Agree and Continue. This completes the integration process, and you will be directed back to Pipe17. 


Configuring Connection Flows (Pull & Push)

Pipe17 supports the following connection flows to/from eBay. Let's review them all in detail!


  • Orders
    • Pull orders from eBay: Turn this toggle ON to begin pulling in orders from eBay.
    • Note: Pipe17 will pull orders starting from the time the integration was activated. 
  • Products
    • Pull product catalog from eBay: Turn this on if you will need to push inventory quantities to eBay originating from your fulfillment integration. 
    • Note: This is an eBay specific requirement, where product IDs will need to exist in Pipe17 to allow for inventory to successfully flow back to eBay. 
  • Inventory
    • Push inventory updates to eBay: Turn this toggle ON to enable Pipe17 to push inventory. 
  • Fulfillments
    • Push fulfillments information to eBay: Turn this toggle ON to enable Pipe17 to push fulfillments (tracking numbers) back to eBay so that your customers can be notified.



Configuring Other eBay Settings

Below your connection flow settings, you will find another menu for eBay Settings. Here you will find some filters and other options to help streamline your eBay orders. 


  • Orders
    • Exclude orders created before this date: By default, Pipe17 will begin pulling orders at the date/time of the integration becoming active. If you would like to modify this date/time, you can add an earlier or later date to this field. Otherwise, leave it blank. 
    • Process orders with specific order IDs: This field is mostly used for testing. Add one or more order IDs to this field to tell Pipe17 to pull in these orders only. 
  • Products
    • Allow new products creation in eBay product catalog: Turn this toggle ON if you would like Pipe17 to push new products (presumably from another source) into eBay. 
    • Allow updating prices in eBay product catalog: Turn this toggle ON if you would like Pipe17 to update prices for your products that may have been changed elsewhere. 
    • Use prices with names in the list below as eBay 'StartPrice': Add one or more value (separated by a comma) if you would like Pipe17 to push products to eBay with a specific price titles. 
    • Process only products with specific SKUs: Add one ore more SKU value(s) to this field to tell Pipe17 to only process updates for these products only. 
  • Inventory
    • Process only inventory items with specific SKUs: Add one or more SKU values to this field to tell Pipe17 to update inventory for these products only. 




Need help with order flows or integration specific settings? Contact our support team. We're happy to help!


What's Next?

Congrats! You've connected eBay to your Pipe17 account, and you're now ready to begin testing! Check out our Pipe17 Quick Start Guide for some helpful context on testing and other subjects.




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