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Through Pipe17, TikTok Shop has the capacity to connect to a variety of sales channels. If you would like to connect Amazon MCF for fulfillment with TikTok, please read further. Read more about Amazon MCF with Pipe17


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Connecting to Amazon MCF

You will be required to add the Amazon MCF Integration from the integrations list, as you would have done previously with TikTok Shop.


Once you have the Amazon Integration installed, you should be able to view the settings by clicking the name from within your Integration list. By default this should take you to the integrations settings, where we can do the initial configuration.


Within the settings, we will need to enable Shipping Request, Inventory, Fulfillments. Once enabled, it the indicator should look like this:



Without these settings enabled, Amazon may not receive all the information it requires to complete fulfillments.

For TikTok, it is is also important Configure the MCF Integration Setting, which will have to block Amazon Logistic for TikTok orders like this:

Once complete, you should be able to save the settings. Afterwards, we can switch to the the "Connection" tab. Once within the connection page, we are ready to initiate the connection by pressing Connect, which should open the Amazon Seller Portal to confirm authorization. 


Configure your locations for Amazon MCF

Amazon MCF, will require some specific settings with our location mapping to ensure that everything can be fulfilled correctly. If you would like to learn more about our locations feature, and how it works before beginning - I would suggest reading over our documentation on locations.

Once ready, we will first need to begin by navigation to the "Locations" portion of our Admin, from the main menu under Inventory.

Within the locations section, you will see all the locations that Pipe17 provides by default, and any additional locations that may be connected through services on your account. We will want to look for, and select the (MCF) Location from within the location (It should have MCF in the name).

Once we have located the correct location, we will want to click on the Add External Location on the lower right:



From there, we want to select an existing location as Pipe17 should have automatically recognized any location information included when you connected TikTok. Select the TikTok location - Ensure the the source states "TikTok"

Once selected, you can then "Save" the location - and you are done! 

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