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This selling channel connector supports pulling orders from Walmart to send to a fulfillment channel, pushing fulfillments back to Walmart to update order status, syncing inventory to Walmart based on inventory from a fulfillment channel.

With the Walmart connector you will be able to perform the following:

  • Pull Orders
  • Pull Products
  • Push Products
  • Push Inventory 
  • Push Fulfillments


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  • Make sure you are licensed to use the Pipe17 Walmart connector. If you're not certain, reach out to our sales team to ensure you are ready to begin setup.
  • Before adding the integration, turn off pop-up blockers in your browser.

Basic setup

New Pipe17 Account

  • If you already have a Pipe17 organization skip this step
  • If you need a Pipe17 organization for your business you can create one at Enter a name for your Pipe17 organization and an email address and password and then wait a minute for Pipe17 to create it. We do provide helpful messages that your browser may see as a pop-up so you should turn off pop-up blockers for our website to ensure you have a good onboarding experience.
  • Re-enter your email address and password to start the configuration process for your new Pipe17 account
  • Fill out the company information screen and click Next to proceed to the Selling Channel screen
  • Find and add the Walmart integration and Click Connect. 

Setup the Connector

  • Navigate to Integrations in your Pipe17 portal and click on "Add Integration" to add the Walmart connector to your account.
  • Enter your Walmart ClientID and ClientSecret; click “Connect”

    • Visit Home-US  and login with your Walmart Seller Center account details

    • Click Add New Key for a Solution Provider

  • Navigate to the "Settings" tab of the connector. In most configurations, we recommend you turn on:

    • Pull orders from Walmart - this will allow orders to sync from Walmart to Pipe17

    • Push fulfillments to Walmart - this will allow orders to be updated when a fulfillment is created in Pipe17 from the fulfillment channel

    • Push inventory information to Walmart - this will allow inventory quantities from your 3PL(s) to sync up to Walmart inventory
    • Pull locations (ship nodes) from Walmart - this will allow locations to be created in Pipe17 representing 1 or more ship nodes in the Walmart account


    • Additional settings to note:
      • Exclude orders created before this date - set this with the order date/time cutoff to pull orders into Pipe17. Orders prior to this cutoff will not be ingested into Pipe17
      • Pull only orders in these states - select if you would like all orders (created & acknowledged) or just one of the states to be ingested into Pipe17
  • Click save

Location Setup

  • Click on Inventory > Locations in the Pipe17 portal. You should see at least one location created by the Walmart integration.
  • Click into the Walmart location that will hold the inventory from your 3PL/warehouse location, and click "Merge location", then select the corresponding 3PL/warehouse location to be the source for the inventory that syncs to the Walmart location. This "links" the two locations so that the inventory from the 3PL/warehouse is available to sell in Walmart. You can refer to our guide on Merging Locations for more detail on these steps.

Order Routing Setup

  1. Click on Organization > Order Routing on the left-hand side of the Pipe17 portal. You will now configure an Order Routing rule to send your orders to the right fulfillment location.
  2. For "Name", enter a title for your routing rule (for example, "All orders to 3PL").
  3. For "Destination", pick the country or countries that this rule will apply to. You can add new destinations under Organization > Filters. Leave blank if all orders should route the same way no matter the shipping destination.
  4. For "Fulfillment Location", pick whichever 3PL/warehouse location should fulfill your Walmart orders. When you are done it should look similar to this:
    • Note: based on the orders settings you added when doing the basic Walmart connector setup, any new & unfulfilled orders that are ingested from Walmart into Pipe17 will flow through this routing rule/rules and may be routed to fulfillment if passing the routing criteria you set up. This is why we always recommend trying this with a test order or two first, using the available filters on the order routing rule to ensure Pipe17 only routes the test order you want to send for fulfillment.
  5. Save your changes.


  • To test your setup, ensure inventory looks good in Pipe17 (this should sync from your fulfillment location). Then, you can create a test order in Walmart for a product for which you have inventory in the fulfillment location. We suggest you use your business address or a friend’s address for the ship-to address. Your order should appear in Pipe17 within five minutes, and you should see it generate a shipping request to the fulfillment location you configured in the order routing rules. The order should then appear in the fulfillment system within a few minutes.
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