Future Inventory Management

At times you may want to sell more product than what's available. This is common when you have a purchase order or inbound or receipt of inventory expected soon. You can enable this via management of future inventory in your Pipe17 portal.

Available to Sell

  • The available to promise total we push to selling channels is calculated as

Available to Promise = Onhand - Committed + Future - Future Committed - Buffer

  • Depending on connector settings push the total across all locations to the selling channel or if the selling channel supports locations then you push a Pipe17 location total to a selling channel location by merging or linking those locations

Order Routing use of Future quantities

  • You can avoid Out of Stock exceptions when you make proper use of future quantities

  • The Order Routing engine uses the Future quantity as part of its inventory evaluation. It does this calculation for each location included as a Destination in a valid card for an order. i.e. the future inventory is included with available for determining whether a Destination can be used.

  • If Order Routing creates a shipping request based on a Future quantity and “Send future order immediately” is checked, then the shipping request will be sent through the integration immediately and may result in a backorder if your 3PL supports this concept. If “send future order immediately” is not checked, then a shipping request will be created in a pending inventory status and the integration will ignore it.

  • The Order routing engine will check every hour for available inventory in the locations of all pending inventory shipping requests. If available inventory is found the shipping request will be moved into “ready for fulfillment” for sending through the appropriate integration.


To setup future quantities follow these steps:

  1. Open the Inventory Page and select All Inventory

  2. Open the Inventory detail page for a specific SKU and location. You can do this by searching for the SKU and then opening the displayed location rows and then clicking the hyperlink on the SKU at the location where you want to adjust future quantity.

  3. Click the pencil next to the future quantity. Enter the quantity for which you want to allow orders in excess of available. Click the save (floppy disk) icon or hit returnmceclip0.png

4. If there is no inventory record at the location for which you want to establish future inventory or you want to set the future quantity for many skus and locations, we recommend you use the Import Inventory capability.

5. If you receive inventory for that SKU at that location, we reduce the future quantity by the amount received.

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