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Barrett Distribution provides customized third-party logistics, omni-channel distribution, retail compliance, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment services. Pipe17 supports the following flows to/from Barrett: 

  • Push shipment information to Barrett
  • Pull inventory from Barrett
  • Push fulfillment information to Barrett
  • Pull locations from Barrett


Before getting started on connecting your Barrett account to Pipe17, there are a few key data points needed from the Barrett team. We'll review these in detail in the steps below. 


Connecting Barrett Distribution to Pipe17

There are five pieces of information required from your Barrett account manager to establish the connection from Pipe17. 

  1. API URL: This will be OR depending on the type of environment you are setting up (production or testing.)
  2. API Key: This is also referred to as a UAT Token
  3. Facilities: Codes dedicated to each fulfillment center your inventory is located in.
  4. Customer ID: A four digit ID number unique to your Barrett account. 
  5. Webhook Key (for fulfillments): A key unique to your account that allows Pipe17 to receive data from Barrett. 

Getting Started

  1. In Pipe17, click the Integrations tab on the left.
  2. Click Add Integration in the top right corner.
  3. Search for Barrett. Click on the Barrett Icon. 
  4. Click Add.
  5. Close the pop-up, and click on the Integrations tab again
  6. Open the Barrett connector and ensure that all order flow settings are toggled OFF

For now, your Settings tab should look like this: 




Within this screen (above), copy the ID located in the URL bar. This ID will be located here: 




Insert the integration ID you just copied into the following URL which should then be provided to the Barrett team. This will be used to generate the Webhook ID which is the last piece of information needed to establish your connection. Be sure to remove the curly braces {{ }}:{{integrationId}}


Once the Barrett team has provided all of the required information including your Webhook ID, click on the Connection tab on the left. 

  1. Insert OR in the API URL field. The uat link is used for testing while the link without the uat is for production. Consult with your Barrett reprepsentative when deciding which API URL to use.
  2. Insert the API Key (or UAT token) in the API Key field.
  3. Insert the facilities code(s) provided by your Barrett rep into the Facilities field. You may add more than one. 
  4. Insert your four digit customer ID in the Customer ID field.
  5. Insert the Webhook Key provided by your Barrett into the Webhook Key field.  If you were provided multiple webhook keys from Barrett, ensure that you are pasting in the webhook key specific for orders/fulfillments. 


After your settings appear similar to the screenshot above, click Save. You are now connected to Barrett! Now it's time to configure your order flow settings!


Order Flow & Integration Specific Settings

Pipe17's Barrett connector supports all of the standard order flows necessary to pull and push data to/from your sales channels and back to Barrett. 


  • Push shipping requests to Barrett
    • Turning on this flow will enable Pipe17 to send an order to Barrett and request shipping according to your specifications. 
  • Pull inventory information from Barrett
    • Turning on this flow will enable Pipe17 to pull inventory quantities per SKU from Barrett which will be displayed in your Inventory > All Inventory tab, and broken down by location if enabled. 
  • Pull fulfillment information from Barrett
    • Turning on this flow will pull fulfillment information from Barrett (including tracking data) which can then be pushed back to your sales channel if enabled. 
  • Pull locations from Barrett
    • Turning on this flow will enable Pipe17 to pull locations from Barrett which will be displayed in your Inventory > Locations tab.



Integration Specific Settings

Shipping Requests: In this field, you have the option to tell Pipe17 to process shipping requests ONLY for a given order ID. This is useful when testing the order flow prior to going live. If the field is left blank then all orders will be sent to fulfillment. 


Cancellations: With this toggle turned ON, shipping requests in Pipe17 will be cancelled if they are manually cancelled in Barrett. 


Inventory: Turn this toggle to the ON position if you need to sync Barrett inventory with Pipe17 on demand. This is useful when making last minute inventory adjustments in Barrett. 


Need help with order flows or integration specific settings? Contact our support team. We're happy to help!



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