Pre-Req: Enable Inventory Tracking Per Product in WooCommerce

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In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to enable inventory tracking per product in WooCommerce. This function is required for Pipe17 to successfully push inventory per SKU back to your WooCommerce account. 


Enabling Inventory Tracking

  1. In WooCommerce, go to the Products menu and find the SKU that Pipe17 will be syncing inventory for
  2. Select the Inventory tab, set the fields as follows: 
Manage stock?

Enable this checkbox.

Stock quantity

Set to a positive integer quantity, such as 100.

This will make sure that your public-facing shop does not show the item as "out of stock" and that you can accept orders for this SKU. Pipe17 will automatically update the inventory levels with the real levels whenever there is a change, such as an order or an inventory replenishment from your fulfillment provider.

Allow backorders?




If you have a large catalog, you can configure these settings in multi-select format.

  1. In the Products menu, select all applicable SKUs 
  2. Under Product data, change the options to match the same table above. 
  3. Click Update


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