Connect Squarespace to Pipe17

Squarespace provides software as a service for website building and hosting with a set of features for selling products and managing orders online. Pipe17 supports the following connection/order flows for Squarespace:

  1. Pull orders
  2. Pull OR Push products (can only be one)
  3. Push inventory
  4. Push fulfillments
  5. Pull locations (enabled by default)

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Before getting started on this guide, be sure that you are already logged into your Squarespace account with administrator permissions. In addition, ensure that your website has already been created before attempting to connect in Pipe17.


Connecting Squarespace to Pipe17

  1. In Pipe17 click on the Integrations tab in the left navigation bar
  2. Click Add Integration in the upper right corner
  3. Search for Squarespace, click Add
  4. After clicking Add, the connection flow menu will appear. Keep all settings OFF for now. We will configure these later in the guide. Click Next


      5. Next, click the Connect button 



      6. After clicking Connect, you will be directed to Squarespace to authorize the Pipe17 app. Review the listed permissions and click Allow



Your Squarespace account is now connected to Pipe17!

Up next, we will review your connection flows and integration specific settings to ensure that your orders are being pulled, and pushed to the correct places. 


Configuring Connection Flows

In Pipe17, click on the Integrations tab and select the Squarespace connector. To access your connection flows, click on the Settings tab. Pipe17 supports a variety of pull/push functions. We'll go over these in higher detail: 


  • Orders
    • Pull orders from Squarespace: In many cases, this toggle should be turned on so that Pipe17 is able to pull orders from your Squarespace account. Keep this flow turned off until you're ready to begin processing your orders. 
  • Products
    • Pull products from Squarespace to Pipe17: Turning this on will enable Pipe17 to pull your entire product catalog from Squarespace. Your product catalog can be found in Pipe17 by clicking on the Products tab on the left. 
    • Push products from Pipe17 to Squarespace: Turning this on will enable Pipe17 to PUSH your products from Pipe17 to Squarespace. This can be used when your product catalog originated from another system such as an ERP or another sales channel. 
    • Note: Only one of these can be activated at a time. 
  • Inventory
    • Push inventory information to Squarespace: Turning this on will enable Pipe17 to push your inventory levels per SKU to Squarespace. 


Integration Specific Settings

Underneath the connection flows we just configured you will find another menu titled Integration Specific Settings. Here you have the flexibility to add additional filters for your orders, products, and inventory. Let's go over those now! 


  • Orders
    • Exclude orders created before this date: Add a date/time to this field to tell Pipe17 to NOT pull orders in before this date/time. 
    • Process only orders with specific order IDs: Add one or more order ID to this field to tell Pipe17 to pull in ONLY those orders. This is helpful when testing the connection between Squarespace and Pipe17.
    • Cancel Pipe17 order if canceled in Squarespace: Turn this toggle ON to allow Pipe17 to cancel an order in Pipe17 IF the order has been cancelled in Squarespace. 
    • Pull fulfilled orders from Squarespace: Turning this toggle ON will allow Pipe17 to pull in orders that have already been fulfilled in Squarespace. 
    • When pulling orders from Squarespace only take orders assigned to specific channels: This field gives you the flexibility for Pipe17 to only pull in orders assigned to a specific channel.
    • Enable sending notifications when applying fulfillments to Squarespace: Turning this toggle on will enable an email notification from Squarespace to your customer when a fulfillment is passed back from Pipe17
  • Products
    • Only apply product updates for specific SKUs: Add one or more SKU value to this field to tell Pipe17 to only pull/push those products. 
    • Force product catalog resync: Turn this toggle on to force an inventory resync to Squarespace
  • Inventory
    • Only apply inventory updates for specific SKUs: Add one or more SKU value here to tell Pipe17 to push inventory only for those products


Need help with order flows or integration specific settings? Contact our support team. We're happy to help!


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