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Getting Started with NetSuite ERP

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  • The NetSuite ERP connector is primarily used when you are pushing orders from Pipe17 to NetSuite

  • Supported flows:
    • Push Orders to NetSuite
    • Pull Inventory from NetSuite
    • Pull Fulfillments from NetSuite 
    • Push Transfer Orders to NetSuite 
    • Push returns to NetSuite as Return Authorizations
    • Push eCommerce order refunds to NetSuite as Customer Refunds
  • Note: there is another connector called NetSuite E-commerce, which is primarily used to pull orders from NetSuite INTO Pipe17 to be sent to fulfillment channel(s). This is not the subject of this article.
    • Supported flows of the NetSuite eCommerce connector:
      • Pull Sales Orders or Item Fulfillments from NetSuite
      • Push Item Fulfillments to NetSuite from fulfillment channels
      • Pull Product catalog from NetSuite
      • Push Inventory to NetSuite
      • Pull Locations from NetSuite
  • Flow Example - NetSuite ERP:mceclip2.png
  • Flow Example - NetSuite eCommerce:mceclip0.png
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