Connect ShipBob to Pipe17

ShipBob is a global eCommerce fulfillment solution.

Pipe17 supports the following connection flows for the ShipBob Fulfillment connector: 

  • Push product catalog
  • Push shipping requests
  • Pull inventory
  • Pull fulfillments
  • Push arrival (inbounds)
  • Pull receipts 
  • Pull locations (enabled by default)

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  • Pipe17 Account - Ensure that you have a Pipe17 account. If you do not yet have a Pipe17 account, book a demo with a Pipe17 team member to get started.
  • Ensure you have access to your ShipBob admin account. This will be needed to establish connection to Pipe17/ShipBob account.


Connecting Shipbob Fulfillment to Pipe17

  1. In Pipe17, click the Integrations tab on the left
  2. Click Add Integration in the upper right corner
  3. Search for ShipBob > Add
  4. When the Flow Settings menu appears, click Next. We will leave these turned off for now
  5. Pick a Channel Name, we recommend "Pipe17". Once connected, channel name shown here will become the integration name from the ShipBob UI.
  6. Click Next and in the new Shipbob tab that opens in your browser follow the instructions Shipbob displays for authorizing Pipe17 access to your Shipbob environment.


Connection Flows

Pipe17 supports the following order flows for the Shipbob connector. Let's go over them all in higher detail! 

  • Products
    • Push product catalog information to Shipbob: Turning on this flow will enable Pipe17 to push your product catalog (originating from a sales channel or another connector) to Shipbob. 
  • Shipping Requests
    • Push shipping requests to Shipbob: Turning on this flow will enable Pipe17 to send a shipping request to Shipbob for your orders as they are pulled in by Pipe17. 
  • Inventory
    • Pull inventory information from Shipbob: Turning on this flow will enable Pipe17 to pull inventory per product, which can then be pushed to your other integrations.
  • Fulfillments
    • Pull fulfillments from Shipbob: Turning on this flow will enable Pipe17 to pull fulfillment/tracking data for each order once it is available. At this point, Pipe17 will push that data back to your sales channel where applicable. 
  • Arrivals
    • Push arrivals (inbounds) to Shipbob: Turning on this flow will enable Pipe17 to push a completed arrival to Shipbob for processing.
  • Receipts
    • Pull receipts from Shipbob: Turning on this flow will enable PIpe17 to pull receipts from Shipbob, which can then be pushed to another connected integration (ERP for example)
  • Locations
    • Pull locations from Shipbob: This flow is turned on by default. 



What's Next?

Congrats! You've connected ShipBob to your Pipe17 account, and you're now ready to begin testing! Check out our Pipe17 Quick Start Guide for some helpful context on testing and other subjects. 



Need help with order flows or integration specific settings? Contact our support team. We're happy to help!


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