Shipbob Connector Installation

Pipe17's Shipbob integration enables merchants to send orders for fulfillment by Shipbob and collect fulfillments. We can also pull inventory information and see differenences in inventory across the various warehouses where you stock your products.

To get started with our Shipbob integration:

1. Navigate to the Integrations Page within Pipe17 and Add the Shipbob Integration

2. Click Add and the on the Common Settings page turn on push products, pull locations and pull inventory so that you can test the connection in a safe way that does not alter order fulfillment. Note You must turn on push products from Pipe17 to Shipbob even if your product catalog already exists there. Their API requires new aliases for the Pipe17 integration to function properly.

3.  Click Next and then pick a channel name, we recommend "Pipe17".

4. Click Next and in the new Shipbob tab that opens in your browser follow the instructions Shipbob displays for authorizing Pipe17 access to your Shipbob environment.

5. Wait for the Shipbob authentication process to complete and then return to the Pipe17 tab and save the configuration information

6. Within  a few minutes you should see several locations in your locations page tied to Shipbob and inventory numbers for those locations. 

7. If you run into any problems, please confirm the integration is in a Connected state. If it is in an error state try to connect again using an admin login to Shipbob. If the integration is in a connected state and you do not have any locations after a few minutes, please create a ticket for Support to investigate and include the name of your organization or your org key which can be found in the profile menu available from the menu with initials at the top-right of the pipe17 window

8. Once you see inventory and are ready to send orders then setup order routing to flow a test order. A good way to do this is to setup a filter on your email address.

9. Turn on Push Shipping Requests and Pull fulfillments and send a test order and confirm you can get the fulfillment with tracking back once Shiphero ships the order.

10. If you have bundles in Shipbob we recommend you transition to using Pipe17 bundles so that you can fulfill those bundles with other channels.



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