Change Notes

Changes notes, or simply Notes, is a user activity event tracker where we can see the changes made by other users, see the reason for that change, and interact with other users using comments.


The change reason is disabled by default but It's possible to enable it on Pipe17 App > Settings > Profile and then turn on the `Request the reason for configuration changes` toggle.


If it's OFF it will still track the changes but the user won't be prompted to add a comment with the reason for that change.

When it's off, the user will be prompted with a dialog requesting the change reason. It's necessary to add a reason and save it otherwise the requested change won't be saved.


Note: Pipe17 users will always be prompted to leave a reason even if the feature is disabled for an org.


Viewing the Changes

There are 2 ways to see the changes done. The first and simpler one is going directly to the page on which the change was made and opening the `Activity` component.

When opening it, the comments will be displayed by default, you can click on the `show` drop-down and select history to see the changes made on that entity.

You can also click on `View Changes` to compare the before/after data.


The other option is to go to the Events > User Config Events page. It will list all notes including config changes and comments.

On this page, you have access to some extra data that is not visible on the activity component.

In the last item of the column, you can either see the entire note JSON or Compare the change pre-value with the post-value.

You can also open the details page that includes all this information by clicking on the note id.


Leaving comments and collaborating

It's also possible to read and leave comments for others on the `Activity` component. In the case of a problem, eg a typo, you can edit or delete your comments by hovering over the comment and selecting the desired option. We don't save the comment versions so it's possible to know it was updated, it's not possible to know the data before the update.

The comments are visible to everyone in the org.


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