Connect TikTok Shop to Amazon Seller Central


Through Pipe17, TikTok Shop has the capacity to connect to a variety of sales channels. If you would like to connect Seller Central with TikTok, please read further.


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The user performing the connection will be required to have the following access on Amazon:

  • Fulfillment Programs - Full Control
  • Image Management - View
  • Inventory Planning - Full Control
  • Item Classification Guide - Full Control
  • Manage FBA Inventory / Shipments - Full Control
  • Manage Inventory / Add a Product - Full Control
  • Manage Seller Fulfilled Product - View
  • Selling Applications - Full Control
  • Upload Inventory - Full Control
  • Image Uploading - Full Control
  • Mange Orders - Full Control
  • Manage Refunds - Full Control
  • Manage Returns - Full Control
  • Transactions - Full Control
  • Selling Partner Appstore - Full Control
  • Business Reports, Sales Summary - Full Control
  • Custom Reports - View
  • Fulfillment Reports - View
  • Fulfillment Settings - Full Control

Connecting to Seller Central

Similarly to connecting TikTok, you will also need to ensure that the Amazon Seller Central connector has been added to your Pipe17 account. If this was done previously, it should show under your "Integrations" list from your main Admin.

Once added, you will then want to navigate to Seller Centrals settings on Pipe17's side, and ensure we have enabled the products to pull from Seller Central:



Additionally, you will need to ensure TikTok is set to Push products through it's connector settings. If done correctly, it should also look like this:



Once completed, you should be able to go to the Connection Tab on the settings for both integrations and click "Connect". If there are no errors after authorization our integration, you should be set! 


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