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Some online marketplaces do not allow orders to be fulfilled via Amazon Logistics. Pipe17 has made it easy to block Amazon Logistics for some, or all of your orders, depending on the way your order routing has been configured. 


For more information on Order Routing, check out this article!


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The Block Amazon Logistics functionality is ONLY available for Blank Box shipments. If you are not working with Amazon Blank Box, orders routing to Amazon MCF may or may not be fulfilled through Amazon's delivery service, resulting in an Amazon Logistics tracking number being pushed back to Pipe17. 


Before turning on Block Amazon Logistics: 

  • Ensure that you have the below toggle turned on, so that Pipe17 can pull in and create a Blank Box location: 


  • The Blank Box location should now appear in your Inventory > Locations menu.


Note: you MUST ensure that your sales channel location has been merged (or linked) to your Amazon MCF Blank Box location. This ensures that inventory and fulfillments can be pushed back to the correct Amazon inventory pool. For more information on merging/linking locations, check out our Help Center article here. Additionally, you must ensure that your blank box fulfillment location has been added to your order routing rules. For more information on order routing, check out our Help Center article here


Marketplace Filters

By default, Pipe17 will block Amazon Logistics for any orders originating from eBay or Walmart: 




  • To add other marketplaces or order sources, simply add them to the above field. This field can be found in Integrations > Amazon MCF > Scroll down to the Shipping Requests section. Note: Your entry must match the same format listed in the Source column of your Orders > All Orders tab. 


  • The Block Amazon Logistics for Blank Box Shipments toggle must be turned ON in order for Pipe17 to block Amazon Logistics for the channels added to the field. 
  • If the toggle is turned OFF, Pipe17 will not block Amazon Logistics for any orders. 


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