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When working with Amazon MCF/FBA, you have the option for Amazon to NOT ship your product in an Amazon branded box or poly bag. Pipe17 gives you the option to add/remove this option at your own convenience. When you connect your Amazon MCF account to Pipe17, you will be given the option to import the location designated for Amazon MCF Blank box. This can be toggled on at any point after your initial connection: 




How do I route orders to Blank box?

To get started, you need to ensure that you are enrolled in the Amazon Blank box program, and agree to their terms. Amazon will invoice you more for these orders, so make sure you connect with your Amazon rep or check in your account prior to configuring these settings. 


  1. In Pipe17 open your Integrations tab (on the left) and click on Amazon MCF. 
  2. Click on the Amazon MCF Connector to open the order flow settings. 
  3. Scroll down to Integration Specific Settings
  4. Under Locations, toggle the option for Create Blank box inventory location, when applicable to the ON position. 


Next, we need to ensure that Pipe17 routes your orders to the designated Blank box location as opposed to the standard Amazon MCF location. To do this, you will need to merge your sales channel location into the MCF Blank Box location. 


  1. In Pipe17 open your Inventory tab and click on Locations
  2. Find and click the location that Pipe17 pulled in from your sales channel.
  3. In the top right corner, click the button labeled Merge To Another Location
  4. In the Merge Location dropdown menu, select the location for (MCF) Blank Box
  5. Click Save



What if inventory is depleted in Blank box? Where do my orders route? 

You can opt to route your stocked out blank box orders to the standard Amazon MCF location via Order Routing in Pipe17. If you don't do this, then your orders will be held in Pipe17 until blank box inventory is available again. At this point, Pipe17 will automatically send a new shipping request (if you have auto re-run turned on) or you can do this yourself by opening the order and clicking Re-Run routing. 


Article: How to automatically re-run routing for stuck orders


  1. In Pipe17, click the Configuration tab on the left
  2. Open Order Routing
  3. Create a new order routing rule by clicking the Add Order Routing button in the bottom right. If this is your first rule, you can use the pre-created card. 
  4. Give your order routing rule a title. In this case, it should be something like All Orders to Blank Box
  5. Use the Destination drop down to select a region, or leave this blank if MCF will be shipping orders without regional restrictions. 
  6. In the Fulfillment Location dropdown, select your Amazon MCF - Blank Box location. 
  7. Next, click the + Add Destination button (bottom right) and select your standard Amazon MCF location as the second priority fulfillment. 





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